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MGFF is an adult visual novel with a modern setting that has both adventure and dating sim style elements. 

You're a newly moved young man who's a year out of college working as a freelance programmer. You've found a great girl and she's about to introduce you to her friends. Staying loyal, falling in love, falling in lust. The choices are yours to make! So make them wisely as you'll only have a month to spend time with everyone.

You can support me on Patreon as well to get early and exclusive access to releases, images, polls and more. Your support goes directly back into the game. 

Here's a link to the DISCORD as well if you'd like to join

MGFF is currently in ongoing development and I'm excited to release the first build. There are 3 chapters planned for the game, and 4 planned demo releases. v0.5, v1.0, v2.0, v3.0. Each demo represents what chapter is completed for that build. 

What kind of content you can expect: 

- Cheating and high risk sex is a main theme of the game, if you're not into that don't worry! Staying loyal and having a happy ending is a 100 percent viable option.

Vanilla sex and foreplay is integral to each girl's path, especially the more romantic choices

- Rough sex and sub/dom is the opposite end to the romantic options. If you prefer a more power heavy relationship with some of the girls you're welcome to it.

-Cuckquean, while there will be no cucking or cuckold content in this game, there will be paths where a girl character will watch you have sex.

While the adult content will be great I also hope to have players engaged in a decent narrative and worthwhile characters that develop over time. That's about it for now, look forward to the release, support us if you can,  and have a great day!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(297 total ratings)
AuthorKyle Mercury
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Point & Click


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Starting the game and I see a message that worries me a bit.

If I spread my time out equally I might waste it.

Does that mean I need to do multiple playthroughs to see all the content? If there is an in-game time-limit I'd hate to have to just make a save file for each path. Why limit the gameplay at all like this?

You need multiple playthroughs. There is a day limit. You need to advance girls plot to a point before a certain day when an event happens. Then you pick one of the girls you've completed the events for and get their scene. You only get to pick one so you can save at the selection screen to see the others. No idea how seeing their scene specifically will affect things down the line as it seems you can still continue with other girls anyway but since chapter 2 only has a little bit of content currently I have no real idea.

Oh I figured that was the case, I'm just asking why. Why limit it. It might be more work, but allowing all "routes" to be taken, or to have a possible Harem path seems like the best way for these types of games. 

Play it. There is no benefit to you seeing everything in one run. It would ruin the pace of the plot to try and squeeze in extra during key moments.


Buddy, its a porn game. Nobody plays these for excellent pacing.  The plot can be just as good if the pacing is broken up by allowing for unrestricted routes.

How do i get mia phone im in the library and i font see it i talked to Charlotte and she says its at the end of the table but i can't find it

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Game bugged for me. Everytime I talk to Mia I talk to her mom in the kitchen. Also don't know where to find Ava in Ch.2. Also can't go into Katie's room after the massage scene

Pushed forward a bit more got one more scene with the mom and then she never appeared again still couldn't talk to Mia and still couldn't go into Katie's room and then my game crashed. Any fixes?

Need ch.2 ASAP! Game is really great!


I love this game, has to be one of my favorites in development. Love the characters, love the writing, love the main guy particularly because he's not a beta loser like most other games main characters are so it just feels fresh. So far the scenes and what seems to be the plans for some of the scenes and characters are right up my alley.

I'm really hoping all these side characters being introduced have a decent amount of content and not just a single throwaway scene each. I also really hope a certain roommate gets some attention too and the dev doesn't chicken out like most do with such characters. 

Development is REALLY slow though considering the amount of actual content in the game. So here's hoping the full chapter 2 will be full of fun stuff and not like a single extra scene per girl. Some actual penetration would be great too but not sure if that's being saved for the final chapter or something, hope not.


Are there any plans to have a mode or option that removes the time limit? I tend to enjoy pseudo sandbox experiences with these types of games. Having to manage every choice to get as much done in a set amount of time is kinda rough sometimes lol. That, and a time limit system kinda prevents you from going back and doing things multiple times. Having a different dialog for repeat events can be fun :)

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A little laggy but an overall great game, excited for the next version.


This game has GREAT potential. There is a lot of trash games here, but yours is one of the few I really think can be great. Can't wait to play more of it!


Not bad but for pity sake can you add some repeatable stuff in here so we can replay some things while we wait for the update... Also this game is pretty buggy lots of things need fixed like when I'm trying to talk to Mia and it says Olivia's content is finished in this version... Also please focus on fleshing out one or two girls please so the game doesn't feel like a half hearted demo its nice having multiple girls but not at the cost of progression like just focus on the main girlfriend and her family then work on the others slowly over time and once you've gotten far enough then switch focus on the others one or two at a time.... Oh and the track meet happening on a fixed calendar date needs to be removed and only occur once you progress with the girls to a certain point and say have group get together stuff with the girls instead on certain calender points 

I also get the Olivia bug, pretty annoying.

Can I have help with trying to join the discord? When I click the link and hit the "join this server" button it always says unable to join, does someone know how to fix this?

when can we expect the next update?

The calendar is just disturbing😂

And where is the place to buy condom?


Overall the game just so perfect but have so many glitch.

Hope new update better thank you❤👊


from 7/11

It wont let me start Emilys route for some reason everytime i go to her area in the afternoon she isnt there can someone help pl

(5 edits) (-1)

Yooo let's gooo, 5 out of 6 girls on an 11 day run! That took me literally a few hours to get the exact sequence of events that would allow for this to happen. Please don't ruin it by changing anything in the first chapter...

Edit: Okay, so there's a glitch/bug where basically if you don't do a very specific sequence of actions you will skip Thursday and the game goes straight from Wednesday the 8th to Friday the 10th, which is annoying. If it weren't for that, exploits wouldn't be necessary to get certain scenes with a certain girl on my 5 out of 6 girls run. Oh, yes, I found an exploit. Until you fix this glitch/bug, I absolutely will not be telling you what it is because it is a godsend.

You can romance all of them??? I thought the game was a one girl, one route type of deal.

wow, how did you do that?

(3 edits)

Very painstakingly.


Also, screw it, the exploit is that the game doesn't make you earn any money for buying the movie for Emily. Please fix the time-skip glitch because I would like to be able to make this walkthrough perfect. I'm pretty sure I can get all 6 girls if I just sink a few more hours into trial and error... :(

I swear to god if you ruin this for me and don't bother to fix your crap...

does Sophia have more content in the 1.5 build? because after the Mia scene, she kind of just disappears

(1 edit)

After the scene with Mia (I'm assuming you are referring to the one that takes place during the rainy day), the content for Sophia does continue. All you have to do is wait until the day of the track meet, then click on 'Sophia' when it asks who you want to hang out with. The content will continue from there.


whenever i interact with mia or her phone it says its olivia . is there a fix for this so i can progress her store and katies story


do you have a Russian language?


yandere vibs coming from sophia ..... yeah i would lova a yandere character ... just a opinion .... and game is pretty good


the only thing game is missing sound and voice .... it would be perfect after them add


Got to say Mia is best girl, other girls are alright if you're into their quirks but my true run might be a loyalty run. Though Emily did surprise me. Didn't think much of her at the intro, but she revealed herself to be an adorable little sub. Can't wait to see where her storyline goes.


Emily is my favorite but Olivia was a pleasent surprise as I didn't think I'd like her very much being tall and a "gamer" stereotype. The end of her scene in chapter one got me pretty interested and then what there is in chapter 2 reeled me in further. I'm looking forward to see what happens with her roommate and whether they'll be an option too in some small way. Mia is an adorable airhead too though.

Personally, I find Ava's arc simplistic but VERY enjoyable, especially the track meet scenes. Best scenes imo.

Deleted 124 days ago
Deleted 124 days ago

So is Mia's phone literally  nonexistent lmao??

(1 edit) (+1)

this shit is literally game breaking, I cant use the shop anymore let alone half the map.


Pretty sure it's just different routes messing with eachother. If you progress Charlotte's then she won't be there to ask her about Mia's phone. There is a lot of bugs but if you just stay focused on a single girl you usually won't encounter too many.


It's not a bug so much as a dead-end you create for yourself. It literally give you a hint that you need someone who knows the library's environment to help you look for the phone. Charlotte is the only girl who goes to the library, so you need to have talked with her at least ONCE for her to show up there.


When I press Mia's character, it just says "Olivia's content is finished for this build" and I ain't even pressing on Olivia, or where ever the hell she is.


here's proof

also how do I give Emily the candy

nvm bug gone now

How did u fix it? 

I cant get past the finding mias phone part. It keeps saying I have to wait for someone but when i do no one is there

How to complete AVA part after getting gym pass?

You gotta go to the park at night twice and then talk to her at school.

Where is the phone xd?

Hi! Not sure if a bug or anything but charlotte doesn't have any content for me in Chapter 2, am I wrong? Sorry, new to this site! By the way, love the game! Also the loyal path is just as good as any other, thanks for all your attention to detail!

You have to go to the cafe in the morning to start the Chapter 2 Charlotte storyline. There wasn't any indication she'd be there, just found her with trial and error (also if it doesn't work in the morning try other times of the day, I know it was in the cafe just not sure exactly the time)


to everyone waiting for an update, we've been getting hints in the discord, but dont expect it immediately, work takes time, especially ona project like this, relax, we'll get it when we get it

thanks :)

Will there be friends with BF's to have double cheating scenario enabled?


Why? Why you are into NTR so much? Be loyal bro

Got to live out some fantasy haha


hmm i have a happy relationship with my girlfriend,my guess is that you love to be cucked and watch your wife bouncing on others cock your kink your life.


Judging by your comments and your posts you have no life or girlfriend ;)


didn't have to straight up mutilate the guy


When is the next update coming out?

I was trying to join the discord server but it won't let me, does anyone else have the same problem?

How do I get cash?

Found out, just work on the computer.

Everytime i talk to emily it tells me to call her in my room tonight. But i dont have her number and dont seem to be able to get it

So that was seemingly a bug. But now she keeps telling me to talk to her in the Afternoon yet when i do she says the same and it seems like a softlock for that character

I think That Emily has Mias text. Emily even has Mias name.

Im have having trouble with charlottes route can someone help me

(1 edit)

Charlotte - You’ll need $75 for a library card.

  • Morning: Talk to Charlotte at school > Do whatever you want
  • Midday: Library > Charlotte
  • Night: Sleep
  • Morning: Do whatever you want
  • Midday: Library > Charlotte
  • Night: Sleep
  • Morning: Talk to Charlotte at school
  • Midday: Library > Charlotte
  • Night: Sleep
  • Morning: Buy a Library Card > Do whatever you want
  • Midday: Library
  • Night: Sleep
  • Morning: Talk to Mia at school > Do whatever you want
  • Midday: Go to Charlotte’s house
  • Night: Sleep

That... that's about it. Her arc is... my least favorite. I REALLY like her scenes, but it takes sooo much time to develop... it's really annoying.

so sophie didn't get any new content, still no progress with her story after sex with mia scene

Itch is kinda weird, you have to un-install the entire game and just re-install the latest version. 1.5f or something.

Stumbled on this the other day, really glad I did. Wasn't sure what to really expect at first but I found my first play through to be really compelling. Second play through I started realizing how many and deep paths there actually were.

Funny enough my first play through I didn't encounter a single bug but on the second one they started to appear and now that I'm trying to see all paths they're definitely manifesting so a bit of flushing out still needed there.

Actually one thing I really wanted to note was how much I appreciated the phone in this. A lot of games add them and they serve for like a single situational purpose and are never used again. I really felt like I was motivated to keep checking for all the girls each day and really appreciated how much Katie required it.

Aside from the bug fixes, I think the only thing I'd really like to see is a gallery added. Both to revisit past scenes and to figure out what I'm missing. If it's in the game I unfortunately can't find it.


do mia / charlotte routes conflict each other? i'm unable to retrieve mia's phone since charlotte's on the cafeteria and when i interact with her she and me teleport to the library but she disappears after her dialogue and can't get mia's phone no matter where i click on the library:((

Is this game still onlylast in game 9 days and is it stilla demo? Or did it get updated?

Un and re install


its so glitched please fix it 

some characters just decide to stick to the screen and can proceed the game

its prolly a really good game just unplayable

Wouldn't say unplayable but the Olivia or whatever route, is completely f'd.


Having some issues with Mia and Charlotte, seems the end of chapter 1 is now glitched in the new update, can't complete both of their quests due to glitches, they lock each other out.

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